Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Restaurant Review: Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill is a landmark in St. Louis. It is a restaurant, bar, and music club all tied into one. They're famous for their pop culture memorabilia that covers the walls. The table that I sat at had the Monopoly game bored screened onto it. Apparently, well so I've heard, John Goodman used to frequent Blueberry Hill and occasionally still pops up there.

Blueberry Hill is home to the Duck Room where you can catch live music on a regular basis. It is said that Chuck Berry plays there once every month. On nights with shows or just on the weekends in general Blueberry Hill will be overflowing with people.

Now I'm sure you've been waiting to hear me talk about the food. The menu wasn't bursting with tons of items, which was actually nice it kept it simpler and easier to make a choice, but it did have many tasty options available. Many people claim that Blueberry Hill is home to the best burgers in St. Louis, so of course I've been dying to try one and see if it lives up to the standards I have for a burger. The burger was cooked to order and was moist and very flavorful. It was served on a sweeter bun, which I wasn't sure about at first but ended up liking, with pickles, lettuce, and tomato on the side. Overall, I have to say that this was a very good burger and I would definitely order one again there.

I also finally tried toasted ravioli's here, which is something that has been on my list of things to do when I got here. In case you were wondering a toasted ravioli is a ravioli that has been fried and legend has it that they were invented right here in St. Louis in the Italian community called The Hill. They were served with marinara sauce for dipping and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. The ravioli's were crunchy on the outside and nice and tender on the inside. These did not disappoint me one bit. I'm sure that they are not at all healthy for you, but they were so delicious and I can't wait to eat them again. I also recommend that everyone should try them if given the opportunity.

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