Sunday, October 18, 2009

Restaurant Review: Flannery's

Recently I enjoyed dinner out at Flannery's (in good company) located in downtown St. Louis, which claimed to have the Irish Pub atmosphere while being a sports bar/grill. After seeing mixed reviews on this restaurant I have to say that I was very pleased with what I found there.

Flannery's did indeed have the Irish Pub vibe with a dark wood interior that gave it a cozy feel. The atmosphere there is very low key and laid back and the service was excellent. On the sports bar side of Flannery's they boast 16 flat screen TV's along one wall showing a variety of all your favorite sports and local teams. I imagine that it can get very busy in there on certain nights.

As for the food I enjoyed the Pasta Chicken Alfredo. The chicken was tender, juicy, and flavorful while the penne pasta was cooked just right. The alfredo sauce was not too runny and did not have that thick gummy consistency that it sometimes gets when it has been sitting out for too long. It came out piping hot in a large bowl with 2 slices of garlic bread on the side.

Based on my experience here I would recommend Flannery's to others and plan to head back there at some point to try some of their other menu items.

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