Monday, October 26, 2009

Restaurant Review: Bailey's Chocolate Bar

Saturday night I had the chance to go to Bailey's Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Square. I've heard many people rave about this place and could not wait for the chance to try it. I am very pleased to say that it lived up to every expectation that I had. It is heaven for a chocoholic, so I suppose it might be the perfect place for me.

The Chocolate Bar consists of a front bar area and then in the back a large room with lots of small tables and a patio area, which gives off more of a restaurant feeling. Overall, I would say that the place has a very cozy intimate vibe that is perfect for a date or just a night out with friends. Once we were seated we were given two menus one containing all of their drinks the other being the food menu, a large glass bottle of water, and complementary double chocolate chip cookies (which we'll get to in a moment). I hear the food here is delicious and that the dessert, especially the brownie, is even more amazing, but the real gem of the Chocolate Bar is their specialty drinks involving chocolate.

Since the Chocolate Bar is well known for their variety of chocolate martinis I decided that that is exactly what I needed to try. I had the chocolate macaroon martini served up with a chocolate curl on the side. It was delicious, not too sweet, and nearly impossible to detect any alcohol in the drink. Other drinks that were ordered at our table were the dark chocolate martini and the chocolate raspberry martini. I was told that these were both very good. As for the double chocolate cookies they were very light in flavor. The chocolate cookie part was not overly sweet or too rich. When you got a chocolate chip in a bite it was the perfect surprise to offset the light chocolate flavor of the cookie.

I have to say that this place is definitely a hit, which was also evident by the large number of people that were crowding into the place. I am already thinking about going back there and how many more times it will take me to test out the many interesting menu items.

Here's the link to their website and warning it will most likely leave you craving this place:

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